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0000149Poland RebuildingMapapubliczny2023-05-20 04:06
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Temat0000149: DHL Depot at Gorzow Wielkopolski

The DHL Depot at Gorzow Wielkopolski is overly cluttered with freight. In fact freight stops parking the trailer in the easy parking spot. Also I was unable to turn the corner to the more difficult parking spot, because freight stopped me making the right angle turn needed after entry to the depot.

If I select quick exit, ie no manual trailer parking, when I re-enter the world, the truck and the freight occupy the same spot, causing ongoing damage to the truck rendering it inoperable.

This would be easily corrected by simply reviewing this depot and removing the offending freight.

I do hope you correct this as my job to this depot took over an hour of real time to complete.

Kroki, by powtórzyć

Simply drive into the depot and you will see the offending freight blocking the easy parking bay.

Dodatkowe informacje

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

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kopia 0000145 zamkniętymichaleczeq PoSped in Gorzow Wielkopolski destroys your truck 



2023-05-20 04:06

administrator   ~0000111

Next time, please send also minimum photo with location, because if you use "real companies", you don't see correct names, and later you report companies, that not exist in this city.

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