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0000157Poland RebuildingMapapublic2023-02-03 23:14
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version2.5.5 
Summary0000157: Poland Rebuilding - Issues in Pila

Various smaller issues in Pila, Prefabs on GPS not connected to Road and one company prefab not marked

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Go there and you see.

Additional Information

Poland Rebuilding - Prefab is not connected to road on GPS, but in game ;[15/01/2023 13:05:04] (sec+0005-0004);22905.1;49.0854;-13220.1;2.28707;-0.182343
here too ;[15/01/2023 13:05:33] (sec+0005-0004);23221;55.1776;-13437.4;-0.0335129;-0.41849
here too ;[15/01/2023 13:05:43] (sec+0005-0004);23241;53.7834;-13423.4;-2.30855;-0.14203
here too ;[15/01/2023 13:05:52] (sec+0005-0004);23085.7;61.0491;-13262.5;0.559728;-0.34937
prefab not marked ;[15/01/2023 13:06:08] (sec+0005-0004);22267.8;43.4825;-13103.4;1.55038;-0.280251

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2023-02-03 23:13

administrator   ~0000104

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It's known, and it's not a bug. Mostly.

In order for the connection to be visible, the companies must be connected by road. In these examples, companies are not connected by roads. What you can see is the roadside painted with asphalt material. To create a connection, we would have to either rebuild each such place and connect them physically with roads, or make a connection with a special tool, which with such small distances doesn't make complete sense. In addition, connections made with this tool don't support GPS navigation (red path/green arrows), therefore in case of small gaps between road and companies/stations, it is not considered a bug by us, and will not be "fixed". As for bigger gaps. Feel free to report such place, because it makes more sense to fix them, than this smaller ones.

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